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Reflective Paving Blocks
About Paving Blocks
An arrangement of paving blocks positioned in definite patterns such that each unit interlocks with the surrounding units to create stunning formations and geometric designs giving your landscape a strong uniform surface and adding to its aesthetic value. The interlocking feature enhances the strength of the surface and the intricate designs add to the beauty of your ambience. This feature also enables pavers to be easily installed without the use of mortar.
Reflective Paving Blocks
Area (Sft) :   0.47
Dimension (mm) :   260 x 260
Available Thickness :   40mm, 50mm, 60mm
Area (Sft) :   0.45
Dimension (mm) :   190 x 275
Available Thickness :   40mm, 50mm, 60mm
Area (Sft) :   0.35
Dimension (mm) :   247 x 123
Available Thickness :   50mm, 60mm, 80mm
Cobble Square
Area (Sft) :   0.44
Dimension (mm) :   203 x 203
Available Thickness :   40mm, 50mm, 60mm
Flex - it - series
Area (Sft) :   0.11, 0.22, 0.44, 0.67
Dimension (mm) :   4x4, 4x8, 8x8, 8x12
Available Thickness :   40mm, 50mm, 60mm
Orbito Green
Area (Sft) :   0.68
Dimension (mm) :   250 x 250
Grass Area :   14%
Available Thickness     40mm, 50mm, 60mm
Advantages of Reflective Paving Blocks :
• High- strength, durable and long-lasting
• Integrated system for residential and commercial vehicular requirements
• When properly installed require practically no maintenance
• Do not require expansion joints
• Ready to use immediately upon completion of installation
• Easy to disassemble for repair, subgrade or underground services then reinstalled with no unsightly patch
• on-slippery, skid resistant and anti-fungal surface
• Cooler in summer making it ideal for parks, patios and swimming pools
• Long design life and Low life cycle costs
• Easy to repair and/or replace
• Interlocking concrete pavers do not crack like asphalt or poured-in-place concrete or stamped concrete. Flex without   cracking
• Very even efflorescence free looks and sharp colours
• Environment friendly as they allow rain water to flow back in to the ground through the sand joints
Application of Reflective Paving Blocks :
Service lanes, Warehouses, all Landscaped areas, Promenades, Swimming Pool Decks, Foyers, Building Compounds, Drive-Ways, Porticoes, Car ramps, Foot-paths, Side-Ways, Garage, Parking, Corridors & Verandas Commercial Application, Residences, Pedestrian Plaza etc
WonderScape Reflective Pavers are manufactured using

UV stabilized importedpigments
Premium quality white cementRich concrete mix
As per IS 15658 – 2006 standards

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